LILA (Living labs application for internationalization of start-up companies), a European project co-funded by the program Interreg IV-B North West Europe

The LILA project is led by Promotech, Business innovation Center in Nancy (France), in partnership with Birmingham City University (England), Ini-Novation (Germany), Technoport (Luxembourg) & European Business Network (Belgium).

The project aims to foster internationalization of innovative companies in the energy and digital economy, by involving citizens as early adopters in a co-design process to validate & adapt products and services across targeted regional markets.

The LILA platform is an open innovation technological enabler facilitating the interaction of start-up companies with early adopters under the support of local LILA partners. Through LILA, entrepreneurs have access to a process to enter new markets based on transnational citizen user groups participation.

LILA is also a significant contribution to the new European trend of economic and social dimensions integration for sustainable impact. Users and entrepreneurs from 4 NWE regions will contribute to reduce the gap between citizens & the economy. The LILA project will run until December 2015 to scale user and entrepreneur interactions within NW Europe and above.

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